Manali Anne Photography » Natural and candid wedding photography for couple, who above all else, are excited about being in love. Oakland based photographer | San Francisco | California


I believe a great photograph captures a story that you want to listen to. There’s something incredibly mysterious and thrilling about photography which is what originally inspired me to try and figure it out. For the past 15 years since I started photographing I have been an eager and fumbling high school student, a traveler seeking out as much of the world as possible with my camera, a student of fine art photography in college and now a working photographer. When I take a photograph today I am feeling my way through intuition and carrying those past experiences of what does and doesn’t work so that when I release the shutter I know I am taking the most authentic photo of that moment.

I like to keep things fun and easy so it hardly feels like you’re staring into a camera, but more like you’re having a blast with your loved ones. I’ve seen that when people are comfortable and having a good time, it makes for some truly memorable photos. I love photographing all couples who are in love, LGBT or heterosexual. Please watch the video below to virtually “meet” me.

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