San Francisco Cityscape & Crissy Field Engagement Session: Abbey & Ryan

Abbey & Ryan were so much fun to photograph. We had a great time checking out how good the San Francisco skyline looks from Potrero Hill. We kind of, quite literally stopped traffic by taking over the street for our photo shoot. Then we moved on to Crissy Field, for pictures in front of the Golden Gate Bridge and the waters of the bay, where we couldn’t have been luckier with the weather and the soft warm light- my favorite for photographing in.

I feel so fortunate that I get to spend my days being in the presence of people who are so in love, and I could really feel it with Abbey & Ryan. They were always being playful or really sweet with one another. After this engagement shoot, I’m very much looking forward to their wedding in October!

San Francisco city skyline cityscape engagement session 002-MSibthorpePhotography-AR-7421 San Francisco city skyline cityscape engagement session 004-MSibthorpePhotography-AR-7499 005-MSibthorpePhotography-AR-5972 006-MSibthorpePhotography-AR-7642 007-MSibthorpePhotography-AR-7692 009-MSibthorpePhotography-AR-7704 010-MSibthorpePhotography-AR-7757 012-MSibthorpePhotography-AR-6090 Golden Gate Bridge Crissy Field engagement session 015-MSibthorpePhotography-AR-6131 016-MSibthorpePhotography-AR-6140 017-MSibthorpePhotography-AR-6170 018-MSibthorpePhotography-AR-7966 019-MSibthorpePhotography-AR-7977 020-MSibthorpePhotography-AR-6198 Golden Gate Bridge Crissy Field engagement session 023-MSibthorpePhotography-AR-8109

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