Beautiful Baker Beach with Christine & Alex


Christine & Alex are lucky enough to live right by Baker Beach, where we photographed their engagement session. But first we actually started our shoot at their apartment where I was able to sneak a couple of photos of their cute feline friend, who is quite aptly named Panda. Once at the beach, we were greeted by pretty fabulous weather. It was bright and sunny and just windy enough to toss Christine’s hair around in such a way to add flair and drama to some of our shots.

Of course Baker Beach is known for it’s great views of the Golden Gate Bridge, but it is also a fabulously diverse location for a shoot. See for yourself, I love the path the leads up to Cypress trees, and the towering mansions on the cliff at the south end of the beach. I had a great time with Christine and Alex. My favorite moment: when their faces lit up because they saw dolphins! All while the sun was setting, it was just lovely.

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