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destination photographer californiaAre you planning a wedding in the US or Mexico and need a photographer who can capture authentic and candid photographs of you? If so, I’d love to be a part of your day and I won’t charge you any travel fees. Yup, you read that right. I’ll come photograph your wedding anywhere in the US or Mexico and you don’t have to worry about my flight, hotel, nada. I love photographing awesome in-love couples and I also love to travel so having the opportunity to combine the two just makes me do a happy dance.

I first fell in love with photography and traveling simultaneously, over 15 years ago. Now that I have been photographing weddings in my local area, the San Francisco Bay, for the past 7 years I’m ready to bring my camera back on the road or to the open skies, wherever your wedding may be.

destination photographer californiaIn 2001, two fortunate things came together that would change my life. My dad gave me his old steel frame Canon film camera for my high school photography class, and our family took a trip to Venice, Italy. That trip turned out to be a total game changer for me. I thrived on the chance to walk around the canals and experience the sights and sounds of a new and exciting place. Later I watched my photos come to life in the darkroom and ever since then, I was hooked, both to the experience of traveling and the experience of reliving those moments within the frame of a photograph.

I still carry that original fascination with capturing a fleeting moment but since my own wedding in 2008, that came to include the fleeting moments that make up a wedding day. Now I am hooked on photographing the moment two people break out laughing, or are about to cry, or when I see two hands holding on tight to one another. I cherish the moments that make up the story of your wedding day and nothing tells a story like a journey and a destination. So, where will your story begin?

Please fill out the contact form (see below if you’re reading this on a mobile device) or email manali@manaliannephotography and tell me all about it.

destination wedding photographer california


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