Elisabeth & Brian: Married Under a Canopy of Redwood Trees

June 1st was a warm summery day and just a stone’s throw away from the Russian River Elisabeth & Brian got married in a beautiful setting under a sea of tall redwood trees. Not only is the place beautiful it’s been a meaningful place for Brian’s family for 3 generations. His grandparents vacationed there when they were young and his mother owns a house nearby. Elisabeth’s friends and mother in law did a great job getting her ready for the big day, doing her hair and make up. Unfortunately Elisabeth’s mother has passed away as well as Brian’s father. They made sure to commemorate them in special ways. Elisabeth had photo keychains of both of them hanging from her bouquet and during the ceremony she sang a beautiful song acapella dedicated to her mother. However this was by no means a somber affair. Brian and Elisabeth clearly adore each other and have surrounded themselves with great friends. The speeches were moving and honest and no one could get enough of the dancing.

Congratulations Elisabeth & Brian!

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