THe Experience

Hello There!

I'm Manali

There’s something incredibly mysterious and thrilling about photography which is what originally inspired me to try and figure it out.


For the past 20 years since I started photographing I have been many things. I have been an eager and fumbling high school student learning how to develop my own film, a traveler seeking out as much of the world as possible with my camera, a college student diving deeper into technique and earning a BFA in fine art photography, and now a working wedding photographer.


When I take a photograph today I am feeling my way through intuition and carrying those past experiences of what does and doesn’t work so that when I release the shutter I know I am taking the best photo of that moment.

What it’s like to work with Manali

To get authentic photos of the beautiful connection you share with your partner you will need to feel at ease while you are getting your picture taken, just as you do when it’s only the two of you together. This is my specialty. First, I assess the setting, put you in beautiful light and choose the lenses I want for the scenery and mood. Then I focus on the fun you bring by giving simple prompts that are aimed at bringing forward the connection you two share. Maybe you dance or maybe you break out into a run, or maybe you just hold each other close, but we definitely laugh and take beautiful photos.

"It's obvious that Manali is a total pro and knows her way around a wedding like nobody else. I would hire Manali again in a heartbeat."

Inessa - Google

THe Process

After years of doing this I have perfected a process that gets us organized in advance and allows the wedding day to run very smoothly. We start about six weeks before your wedding and work collaboratively with your wedding planner.


After the wedding day, your photos go through a 4 step process to get selected and color corrected. My editing style mimics the tones and warm colors of Kodak portrait film, as a throwback to the many years I spent photographing on film before switching to digital.


In the end, your photos are print-ready and get uploaded to an online gallery that is easy to share with friends and family. All coverage includes a high-resolution download.

Getting Started

Step 2

Receive more information and detailed pricing

Step 3

Set up a free consultation to see if working together is a good fit

Let's Do This!

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