Marshall’s Beach Engagement Session: Emily & Jonathan


This was an amazing engagement session that I had back in the beginning of the year with Emily & Jonathan. I love everything about this shoot, I love Emily’s vintage dress, I love how it matches the sea and contrasts with her long dark hair. I love the location and loved the weather, sunshine with the perfect amount of soft fog diffusion so that the colors still pop and you can still see the Golden Gate Bridge. I also love the calm and mellow yet intimate connection she and Jonathan share, and how they shared that space with me so I could take photos of them. Let’s just say I had a wonderful time and hope that translates in the photos!

Marshall’s Beach is definitely one of my top favorite places to photograph in San Francisco and you’ll see why. We clambered on rocks, got our feet wet and made a new crabby friend too 🙂

Congrats to Emily & Jonathan! I am looking forward to their upcoming wedding. Comments are welcome below!

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