Mayor’s Balcony Wedding, San Francisco City Hall: Eva & Scott


I am so excited to share the photos from Eva & Scott’s wedding. The day was curated under a theme of vintage elegance from the details, to the location (what better place than San Francisco’s City Hall?!), to even the transportation (classic San Francisco “F” train street cars).

They had a Jewish ceremony on the Mayor’s Balcony at San Francisco City Hall on a Friday afternoon in April. I love a lot of the traditions that typically bestow a Jewish wedding, like the chuppah. I just love the image of a couple’s loved one’s symbolically making the first roof or home that the couple will share. And in the case of Eva & Scott’s wedding I just thought the whole ceremony looked so elegant, chuppah and all, as everyone stood on the balcony. I managed to escape for a hot minute to the other end of city hall to grab a quick snap of the whole wedding party (image above) while the wedding was in progress, just to give you an idea of how beautiful it was!

You’ll probably notice Eva’s gorgeous mehndi or henna on her hands and back. I thought it was so interesting when she shared with me that certain Jewish cultures in the Middle East have a tradition of using henna during their weddings, and thus she was inspired to incorporate it into her own wedding. I just think it looks gorgeous, I basically couldn’t stop photographing her hands as you’ll see below.

And speaking of gorgeous how about Eva, herself? I had so much fun photographing Eva & Scott on their wedding day. There’s a portrait of Eva below where she has her hands holding on to the balcony behind her and she’s sharing the most contagious wonderful laugh with Scott, off camera, which just kills me. It’s a powerful pose that I don’t place people in because I feel like it has to come naturally from the individual and I’m so stoked that Eva was struck to do so, without a thought of course, as these things happen. She just looks radiant.

After the ceremony we hopped back on the F train down to the Embarcadero where we stopped at Pier 14 for a change of scenery. There’s a real tangible tenderness and excitement between Eva & Scott that I think is evident in the way they interact in the photos, and it’s this more than anything that just makes my job so much fun. They had a lovely day, and executed it with style and class. Congratulations Eva & Scott!


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