Sabrina & Alden married at the Brazilian Room

It was such a pleasure to photograph Sabrina & Alden’s big day recently, at the Brazilian Room in Tilden, I could easily see how they light each other up with joy each time they laid eyes on each other.

The weather couldn’t decide if it wanted to be sunny or cloudy and so it switched between the two giving us some great light for photo taking. They got ready to do their “first look” and Ketubah signing at the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley before heading off for the big shebang at the Brazilian Room. The adorable little blonde angel you see in the photos is Sabrina’s daughter. I loved snapping the moment below where she looked picture perfect as she held her great-grandmother’s beautiful beaded purse.

At the Brazilian Room they had delicate pink flower arrangements in beautiful bronze pots and jugs. I’ve never seen that before and thought it felt very modern and old world, all in one. The sweetest moment that got every tearing up was during the ceremony. Alden lifted up Naomi, Sabrina’s daughter and read out a beautiful promise to love her too for all time. Then it was time to dance, eat and celebrate!

Congratulations Sabrina, Alden and Naomi!

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Many thanks to Natalie for your help photographing this wedding with me!


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