SF City Hall Wedding Highlights of 2014

One of my favorite things to photograph is a San Francisco City Hall wedding. We are so lucky to have such a stunning location available for people to exchange their vows. I’ve done a few weddings there for people who have traveled from across the country specifically to be married at our city hall. Here are highlights from some weddings I had the pleasure of photographing there in 2014. Enjoy!

CG-004-MSibthorpe Photography-6113CG-002-MSibthorpe Photography-5996 CG-003-MSibthorpe Photography-4543DG-001-MSibthorpe Photography-5000 DG-002-MSibthorpe Photography-5081 DG-004-MSibthorpe Photography-5101 DG-005-MSibthorpe Photography-0673 DG-007-MSibthorpe Photography-5164 DG-010-MSibthorpe Photography-5209 DG-011-MSibthorpe Photography-5235 DG-012-MSibthorpe Photography-0750 FR-001-MSibthorpe Photography-5607 FR-003-MSibthorpe Photography-5887 FR-004-MSibthorpe Photography-5943 FR-005-MSibthorpe Photography-6011 FR-006-MSibthorpe Photography-6051

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