Sutro Baths Engagement Session: Jen & Zach


Oh, the Sutro Baths, one of my favorite places to photograph an engagement session, or I’d be thrilled to take photos of a wedding if anyone were interested! Mix in unseasonably warm weather in February and clear sunny skies you know you’ve scored big. Perched on the edge of San Francisco and quite literally falling into the Pacific Ocean, there is so much romance wrapped into this location. The history of the place is fascinating, people used to ride a train and take weekend trips to the baths which were once covered in a beautiful Victorian structure. Now they have long fallen into decay but some of the baths still hold water and they certainly hold the fascination of the city and anyone who lays eyes on them.

Jen & Zach love to explore San Francisco and one such place that is meaningful to them is of course the amazing Sutro Baths where we took their engagement photos. They will be getting married in  Virginia in September so they wanted their engagement session to show off a part of San Francisco that they love. I had a great time spending an afternoon with them and capturing photos to encapsulate the city they live in and share together everyday. We explored up down and all around. Some highlights include the views from the highest point, the cool rocks that are scattered all around, the cave and of course, the pools! Most of all it was a blast to capture the excitement they share. Jen just melted my heart over and over with her amazing joyful laugh and I’m sure Zach could agree! 🙂 A big congrats to the happy couple as they enjoy the next few exciting months together before the big day. Enjoy the photos!


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