Wine Cave Wedding: Petroni Vineyards, Sonoma

Petroni Vineyards Sonoma Wine Cave Wedding Photos

A&K had a beautiful wedding in a wine cave at Petroni Vineyards in Sonoma, California, one October day. They stayed cozy and dry inside as they exchanged their vows in front of their guests while it poured with rain outside. But let me back up a moment because they have one of the most romantic love stories I’ve ever heard.

A&K met on a plane while “A” was actually in a very difficult place in her life. She was mourning the death of a man she had loved and was planning to marry until he passed away. But one day she was seated next to this handsome stranger on the plane. After the flight they began a friendship through exchanging daily emails back and forth and soon enough it became clear that they shared a very special connection that couldn’t be ignored.

Seven years later here they are celebrating their wedding in a spectacular though equally unexpected way. They had originally planned a lovely outdoor wedding that they were looking forward to but then the Bay Area was finally hit with a ton of rain for the first time in a long time due to the drought, so the week of their wedding they were scrambling along with their amazing wedding planner Stephanie and Off the Beaten Path Weddings to find a new venue that would be able to host them and their guests indoors during peak wedding season, all the while finding that most places in Sonoma were already booked. But eventually they came across the stunning Petroni Vineyards and that was how they ended up having their wedding in a wine cave while it poured with rain outside. It’s an appropriately romantic wedding for their romantic story, if you ask me.

And somehow we got lucky enough to find breaks in the rain for photos before the ceremony and again at sunset, and there’s truly nothing more romantic and beautiful than a stormy sunset. My favorite moments with them was when they were running around in the rain together giving each other high fives and piggy back rides at sunset. They are a blast to be around and their love for each other is very real and almost tangible. Everyone present at the wedding was thrilled for them both and the joy find in one another. Please enjoy the photos below!

Venue: Petroni Vineyards | Wedding Planning: Stephanie Brown & Mary Ellen Murphy of Off The Beaten Path Weddings | Catering/ Florals/ Cake: Off The Beaten Path Weddings | Band: The Cosmo Alleycats | Make-Up: Artistry by Danika | Hair: Whimsy Bridal | Videography: Gold & Gumption | Photography: Manali Anne Photography

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