Emily & Chris’ Backyard Napa Wedding

Imagine getting married in Napa on a beautiful warm fall afternoon under the shade of an old oak tree before a backdrop of vineyards stretching out to the horizon and bursting with red, orange and even deep purple hues. Well Emily & Chris managed to do just that. They were wed by Emily’s family pastor in a friend’s backyard. Needless to say it was as intimate and touching as it was beautiful.

I love how Emily & her bridesmaids added a pop of purple to this fall wedding. Check out all the fabulous details below. My favorite stroke of luck while I was photographing details for these two was a little vacated birds nest I found. I was so excited to “nestle” Emily & Chris’ rings in there for a photo!

A highlight of the touching speeches was when Emily’s dad broke out a hilarious image he created by imposing photos of Emily & Chris making silly faces on the famous painting of the American farmer couple by Grant Wood. And I loved the elegant simplicity of the outdoor dance floor under a string of light bulbs. Congratulations Emily & Chris on a wonderful wedding!

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