Fun, Games & Love at Lisa & Matt’s Wedding

Lisa & Matt may not have actually played games at their wedding but they had such a fun wedding it almost felt like they did. They got married at the Cayuga Playground where the couple have enjoyed playing softball with their friends a place they have enjoyed for it’s beautiful and funky carved sculptures that abound throughout the park. The BART train actually runs on elevated tracks above the park and even interrupted the ceremony a few times, and there was a typical foggy chill in the air but Lisa & Matt’s vows were so moving you would have hardly noticed.

After the ceremony it was time to move on and party it up at the Verdi Club. I really was blown away by how amazing the place looked! I suppose it’s not surprising considering their talents, Matt is a website designer and made them an awesome logo and wedding website and Lisa works on lighting and grip for film productions. The place had a cool 70’s lounge feeling and they really did an amazing job of tying in to the retro features that the Verdi Club offers. This party had it all, delicious Mexican food from El Metate and tons of dancing!

I could keep going but I just want to close by sharing my favorite moment: when Lisa and Matt completely took me by surprise by bolting off after walking down the aisle. I never intentionally tilt my camera to get an “artsy” shot on an angle but I was so genuinely surprised and in the moment that was how I was able to capture them. I love it because it seemed genuine to the fun and energy of the moment and whole affair.

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