Matt & Sylviane’s Botanical Garden Wedding

Matt & Sylviane had an intimate ceremony in a grove of redwoods at the Tilden Botanical Gardens. They live in New York but decided to have their wedding in the Bay Area, close to family. I love how at the end of the ceremony they asked all their guests to join them in singing “I Will” by the Beatles, as Matt played it on guitar. I was very charmed by their playful and very caring way with one another. Check out the photos from our amazing shoot in the gardens, and at the very end we snuck in an extra photo opportunity at the top of Tilden where you get an incredible view of the Bay. I loved every moment of this! Congratulations Sylviane and Matt.

MattSylviane-001 MattSylviane-003 MattSylviane-004 MattSylviane-008 MattSylviane-010 MattSylviane-009 MattSylviane-011 MattSylviane-012 MattSylviane-014 MattSylviane-016 MattSylviane-017 MattSylviane-018
MattSylviane-020 MattSylviane-021 MattSylviane-024 MattSylviane-027 MattSylviane-028 MattSylviane-029 MattSylviane-030 MattSylviane-031


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