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Lauren & Parag: Married at the Mountain Mermaid

Lauren & Parag tied the knot at perhaps the most creative and artistic venue I’ve ever seen, the Mountain Mermaid in Topanga Canyon, near Los Angeles, CA. It is currently a residence but has an amazing history from a former country club, to a boys club, to a gambling house and much more. It has beautiful grounds, beautiful architecture, and funky yet tasteful decor which of course includes countless mermaids. Which is only appropriate for an awesome couple like Lauren & Parag. Lauren & I were friends in high school but she knew I photograph weddings now and reached out to me. I feel so fortunate to simply have gotten back in touch with Lauren which is only made sweeter by the fact that she has found a caring, and sometimes silly husband who consistently makes her laugh. Congratulations to a wonderful couple.

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Thank you Modern LA Weddings for being an amazing partner in crime at Lauren & Parag’s wedding.

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