Rodeo Beach Engagement Session: Lia + Chris

Lia & Chris are at home when they can hear the sound of waves washing the shoreline and can feel the wind whipping through their hair, so it’s no surprise that we headed to the beach for their sunrise engagement session. We were almost the only souls at Rodeo Beach at daybreak on a chilly morning. It was just us and a few surfers who had crawled out of their camper vans to slip into the ocean, bobbing amongst sleepy, gentle waves that were in no rush to get the day started. I’ve done a handful of sunrise shoots and I’ve got to say, while I kind of dread waking up early, once I’m up watching the first orange rays of light burst through the sky and curve down to grace the land there’s nothing like it. It really does make you feel like the world is your oyster.

So I have to give a big thank you to Lia & Chris for getting me out for a beautiful experience watching them be their sweet and silly selves first thing on a brisk November morning. I can’t wait for more light and love on the big day itself next year!

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